Upcoming African Retreats 2020

To initiate into the Bwiti is to have two feet in the tradition; a full commitment to truth, living the truth, loving life, knowing yourself, opening your senses, connecting with spirit, communicating with your soul, listening to your inner guide.”

Moughenda, 10th Generation Bwiti Shaman 

Bwiti Retreat Guests in Temple

Next Upcoming Retreat: April 1-12, 2021

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Retreat Schedule

April 1st – 12th, 2021  – OPEN

May 1st – 12th, 2021 – OPEN

June 4th – 15th, 2021 – OPEN

July 2nd – 13th, 2021 – OPEN

July 31st- August 11th, 2021 – OPEN

September 3rd- 14th, 2021 – OPEN

Provider Training


Journey Guided by 10th Generation Bwiti Shaman

A 10th-generation Bwiti shaman, Moughenda’s life purpose is to spread Iboga’s profound healing to an ailing world. This mission has taken him from his home country of Gabon and around the globe, providing the sacred root to thousands.

Now back in Africa, Moughenda and his village implement traditional Bwiti Shamanic practices and use the whole, organic Iboga root to push journeyers through life-changing spiritual initiations, detoxifications, and traditional physical healings.

Bwiti is not a religion. It is a spiritual philosophy of introspection and self-discovery. Journeyers to Gabon will experience an authentic initiation, serving to help break through into an uncharted new phase of life.

Read more about Moughenda here.

About Our African Retreats

Our retreats take place at Moughenda Village in Gabon, Africa. Daily excursions may be available to other areas of the jungle to participate in ceremonies and rituals with the Bwiti elders.

Guests will book flights to fly into the capital city of Libreville, Gabon where they will be greeted by 10th Generation Shaman Moughenda and family. Depending on arrival time, guests may have to book a hotel for the evening before the group drives out to the village for start of the retreat.

The duration of each retreat is 10 days unless specified on the retreat schedule. If Full-Initiations into the Bwiti tradition or Rites of Passage are being offered the retreats will lengthen to 14 days. Please allow 1-3 days for travel in addition to length of retreat depending on where you are coming in the world.

Retreat costs include meals, village accommodations, transportation to and from Libreville (LBV) Airport

*Airfare and Hotel stays Libreville are not part of the retreat costs

What´s Included In Your Journey

  • Traditional Welcome Ceremony
  • Full Initiation into the Missoko Bwiti Traditon (if scheduled)
  • Spiritual Shower
  • Psycho-Spiritual Ceremony
  • Shamanic Physical Healings
  • Herbal Jungle Medicines
  • Ancient Bwiti Fireside Teachings
  • Fresh Iboga Root Bark
  • Traditional African Dancing
  • Usage and Practice of Sacred Ceremonial Instruments
  • Iboga Teas Prepared by Village Shamans
  • Full Immersion

Supplies For The Jungle


  • Passport (Gabon Visa)
  • Long Pants
  • Long Shirts
  • Socks
  • Sunscreen
  • Sneakers
  • Bathing Suit
  • Hygiene Supplies
  • Towels (Bathing and Swim)
  • Flip Flops/Shower Shoes


  • Nutrition Bars
  • Hand Mirror
  • Small Pillow
  • Notepad
  • Pen
  • Deet Bug Spray
  • Duct Tape for Netting
  • No-See-Um Mosquito Netting (Equinox No-See-Um Netting Amazon)
  • Essential Oils 10-20 drops (BEST for no-see-um mosquito’s) (Witch Hazel – Mix w/oils) 
  • Lavender, Lemon Eucalyptus, Citronella, and Peppermint are best as the insects hate the smell and taste of these oils.
  • Chocolate and Smoking Tobacco (Offering for Moughenda Village)


  • Vitamins
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Tripod for Video (Amazon)
  • Audio Recorder (Great for Fire Ceremonies, Bwiti Talks)
  • Cell Phone (Notes, Apps, Photos)
  • Video Recorder (Go-Pro or TomTom)
  • Portable Charger for Apple or Android (Type C Plug Adapter)
  • Allergy Medicine (Dirt, Dust, Smoke)

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Iboga Treatment Permanently Cure Me Of My Condition?

How much iboga and a retreat can help someone can vary. Some people have a life changing experience and notice such a big difference right away and some people it is more subtle. To be totally ethical, we cannot guarantee that a person will heal depression, disease or a specific disorder.

How Many People Do You Treat During a Session?

Groups are kept small so everyone gets the attention they deserve, so we look to keep sessions to 5-10 guests at a time.

What Are Some of The Effects While Taking Iboga?

It is good to not have many expectations of how you want your journeys to go. Ultimately iboga will give you what you need, not always what you expect. Please discuss Iboga healing during your screening, asking any and all questions to get the facts about Iboga is imperative.

What If I Am Afraid To Take Iboga?

Iboga is different from any other plant medicine or psychoactive substance out there. It is important to be 100% ready and willing to let go and take all that you can get from what Iboga has to offer. A little anxiousness is normal when experiencing something that you never have before. However, obsessive fear can inhibit the path to healing but make no mistake healing is going to happen in a time frame you are ready for.  

What Is The Climate Like In Gabon?

For the most part, from May to September is dry season with overcast skies, little rain, and temperatures in the high 70’s to mid 80’s.  The insects are always present in the jungle year round but you will find less in summer. The rainy season in Gabon runs from October through April where the sun shines daily, rain is frequent, and there are a lot more mosquitos to deal with.  Either way, you can be prepared to have a great experience any time of the year.

How Do I Prepare For The Bwiti And Iboga Plant Medicine?

Decide 100% that you are willing to surrender and do the work with Moughenda and Iboga. The Iboga spirit will begin working with people who show commitment to their healing. If someone is not ready to dig deep into themselves then it is best to wait until they are fully ready before booking a retreat at Moughenda Village. Secondly, write a list of questions with specific intentions to change your life and resolve problems. Describe situations and questions with Moughenda in the jungle prior to the ceremony night in the jungle. He will be available to discuss and further screen you for your journey.

Are There Any Conditions That Would Exclude A Person From The Retreat?

We exclude high-risk cases, including those with sleep apnea, severe asthma or other major respiratory conditions, heart conditions, impaired liver or kidney function, limited-function organs, high or low blood pressure, those currently taking benzodiazepine or who are physically dependent on alcohol (although those who have successfully stopped taking these substances would be cleared for treatment), any patient requiring daily medications like insulin, persons with no thyroid function or those who have had their thyroid gland removed, and those with neurological impairment such as schizophrenia, dementia or psychosis.

What Is The Difference Between Iboga And Ibogaine?

Iboga is an all natural root bark of a small perennial shrub indigenous to Central West Africa used traditionally for many millennia by the indigenous people of the region.  Ibogaine is a pharmaceutical derivative of one single alkaloid of the many alkaloids contained in the plant. It’s main use is in the blocking of the symptoms of Opiate and other drug withdrawals.

How Do I Know If the Bwiti Tradition And Plant Medicine Is Right For Me?

Usually you are called to Iboga intuitively, perhaps through a strong curiosity or feeling that Iboga can help you.  If you are suffering from certain health conditions, taking certain drugs or medications, Iboga may not be right for you at this time.

Does Bwiti Or Iboga Challenge My Spiritual Beliefs?

Bwiti is open to all faiths, religions and traditions.  Iboga is for anyone called to it and merely opens people to the truth about themselves and life. It is not it’s job to influence people in any way, but to show you are deeper knowing of the truth.  If this challenges your beliefs so you see and live in the truth then you have to decide which path to follow. The path of belief or the path of knowing.

Can Iboga Be Dangerous For Someone On Their Journey?

Iboga is a natural plant medicine.  It is so powerful it can create a clean slate for the addictive mind within a 24-48 hour period.  It essentially removes all things that are not naturally part of the body, and creates a purity like itself.  It can be most dangerous when taken without proper supervision, guidance by a shaman or trained provider.

This is a tradition that should be honored and not treated as recreational.  Bwiti training teaches not only how to know the correct amount of medicine to administer to a client. It also teaches how to work with the spirit of Iboga, the Ancestors, how to protect and care for the ceremonial space.

What Are The Risks Of Taking Iboga?

It is important to be honest and disclose all information on any intake form and screening interviews for any clinical or traditional treatment.  Iboga treatment is no joking matter and must be handled with caution and care.

How Do I Handle Life After The Retreat?

Being aware of your surroundings is the best way to remain grounded when you leave Moughenda Village.  When going back home, you will encounter a job, relationships, environments that may trigger old conditioned thoughts and habits.  The most important thought is that you have shifted your mind towards a path of truth; however, the rest of the world has remained the same as when you left.  

Accepting others as they are, and creating boundries for yourself, and taking time everyday in silence is very important.  Iboga will continue to work on all levels and if you have busy mind and body you will miss the wisdom being given. It is also important not to try to convince people of what you experienced with iboga. You cannot make someone understand or take iboga unless they are ready and being called to do the work.