Provider Training

Do you feel called to guide other people through the process of healing with Iboga? 
As the global awareness of Iboga grows, and the medicine spreads around the planet,  more and more people are feeling called to work as providers of this medicine in their communities



An Iboga Provider is someone who provides Iboga to other people and facilitates ceremony.  A Provider may also be known as a healer. 



In the Bwiti tradition, it takes many years (usually multiple decades) of intensive training to be known as a shaman.  



If you feel the calling to become an Iboga Provider- just like with any other vocation-  you should seek proper training, guidance and mentorship in order to learn the trade well and set a strong foundation for your practice.  Just like in many other vocations, the consequences of learning by trial and error or experimentation instead of proper training, can be both time consuming and risky.  
Iboga is a powerful medicine which must be respected.  It has the ability to transform and heal. But if used in the wrong way  or with the wrong people, it has the ability to do harm as severe as death. This sort of consequence can be prevented when you are diligent, proactive, and know what you’re doing.  
The risks of providing Iboga in the wrong way to the wrong people are much greater than the risks of doing the same with other plant spirit medicines such as ayahuasca, psilocybin (magic mushrooms), or DMT.  
Providing Iboga is not a game or experiment.  It is a serious undertaking that involves great commitment and solid mentorship so you can learn from the wisdom of others, and not your own mistakes. 
Training in how to provide Iboga not only reduces risks for your guests, but also ensures a better quality experience and better outcome for them.  



Working effectively with Iboga is both an art and a science that has been practiced and developed over thousands of years by the Bwiti and Pygmy people, some say since the very beginning of time. 
Training with the Bwiti is an act of respect and support for both the plant itself, and the people who have stewarded it throughout history. 
Training in Gabon, connects you with the root of the medicine, the land which has nourished and grown Iboga since the beginning of time.  
Over the millennia, Bwiti have worked intimately with Iboga, decoding and interpreting its messages, and understanding the intricacies of the medicine and its healing, both  physiologically and spiritually. 
Bwiti is an oral tradition, and teaching is done verbally (breath to breath), through the senses, through action and through the spirit.  What Bwiti has to share cannot be learned through a book or the internet. 
Having members of the Missoko Bwiti on your side as teachers, mentors and allies will help you to work with greater knowledge, effectiveness, understanding and greater integrity- both in the physical and spiritual realms.  
Also, working with medicine respectfully, and sacredly harvested by the Missoko Bwiti tribe ensures the spirit of the medicine is whole and intact.  You will have access to this medicine as a student of Moughenda.   
If you wish to work safely and effectively with Iboga, with respect for the medicine’s lineage, and with ongoing connection to and mentorship from the Bwiti, we recommend this training program.  



The Missoko are experts in healing and natural medicine, not just using the root bark Iboga (the Master Teacher), but have detailed knowledge of how to use thousands of jungle plants and psycho-spiritual techniques for healing purposes.  



Moughenda is a tenth generation Missoko Bwiti shaman who has five decades of experience working with Iboga and traditional healing.  In response to increasing global awareness of Iboga, and his intuitive guidance, he is the first Bwiti shaman to open up to training students from around the world.   
He has been working with international students for over a decade now and is the Teacher and Mentor of the most established Iboga Providers outside of Gabon.  
Moughenda spent years overseas studying the ways of the Western world.  And based on his observations and guidance, designed the ceremonial format that most Iboga Providers use today (outside of the African continent), to address the unique needs of the internatintional population. 
He speaks fluent English, French, Spanish, as well as multiple tribal languages.  


·      2 months accommodations and meals in Missoko Bwiti Village (about 3 hr drive from Libreville)
·      Guidance, knowledge, and hands-on training received from Moughenda, and community of Missoko Bwiti shamen and healers
·      Missoko Bwiti Rites of Passage
·      Missoko Bwiti Initiation
·      Participation in multiple ceremonies
·      Learn how to facilitate ceremony in traditional Bwiti way 
·      Learn how to provide the spiritual shower
·      Receive own personal healing work with Moughenda
·      Receive access to medicine supply that is harvested directly by the Missoko Bwiti tribe in a sacred manner
·      You will receive the right to return to the Village for further training as needed
·      Receive ongoing mentorship and support from Moughenda  for a lifetime
·      Professional credential: the ability to communicate to your clients and professional alliances (often doctors, nurses, researchers) that you have completed this training program
·      Recommendation / referral from Moughenda for internship with an established Iboga provider



Moughenda Village offers healing retreats which include Missoko Bwiti Initiation.  Do not mistake these retreats for training. These retreats are for the personal psycho-spiritual healing of the participants.  They are not professional training programs. 
Just because someone has been iniitated into Bwiti does mean they are now capable of effectively providing Iboga to other people.  Initiation connects you spiritually and energetically with Bwiti. Training prepares you to be a provider. 
Training programs involve at least 2 months of learning in Moughenda Village and ongoing mentorship.  


TRAINING DATES 2020:  June 1- July 31, 2020