The Fruit of an Iboga Tree in Gabon, AfricaThousands of years ago, in the dense jungles of Central-Western Africa, a miracle was unearthed. By its roots.
It was at this time the Spirit of Iboga chose to deliver its healing power to the people.
Iboga has the ability to heal the mind, body and soul, initiate deep spiritual discovery, ignite truth about the surrounding universe, and propel the discovery of one’s true self.
Now, Iboga is a gift accessible to the world.
But long ago, that gift was reserved, respected, and used by only the Pygmies, and later passed to the Bwiti.
The Story Of Iboga
In Africa, there was a jungle village.
Within this village lived a Pygmy hunter. One morning, he went to check his traps, and discovered a porcupine.
With happiness, he removed the animal, thinking of the fine dinner his wife would that night prepare. He presented the harvest to her, and she began making their meal.
Once the pair had eaten of the porcupine meat, his wife began to feel strange. She began having visions, vivid visions of neighbors in their village. She felt connected to nature all night, her life within her, and also seeing the inner workings of her own village and what needed attention.
The following day, the wife went immediately to her husband, and to the chief of their village, to present news of this visionary journey.
The chief thought. He thought some more.
“Take me to the place where you trapped this porcupine,” he said. “We will see what there is to see.”
At the trap, the chief noticed that the bark of a jungle shrub had been chewed. The porcupine had eaten of this plant.
And then its meat had been eaten.
“This root contains something,” said the chief. “Upon eating the porcupine meat, you also ate of the root and felt that something.”
But this theory needed testing.
In Gabon, women are sacred. Their word is sacred.
So the chief brought some of the root to his wife. She would make the final determination.
Without fear, she ate of the root. Soon after, visions came. Profound insights came. Teachings about life were clear. She felt connection to her self, on a soul level.
From this point, the medicine was spread to other villages. Iboga began teaching the Pygmies music and dance, and the Bwiti tradition was born. Although it had always existed, the Spirit of Iboga finally made itself known to humans. And now, the medicine is traveling out of the rain forests of Central West Africa to heal the planet.
From that moment, the Pygmies have used Iboga’s sacred healing powers in ceremonial ritual, and in practicing and mastering the Art of Living.
“Iboga is here to teach, heal, and show us the truth,” says Missoko Bwiti Shaman Moughenda. “
It is known to be the greatest hunter for the truth inside of us.
When we discover truth, and see how we are improperly operating in life, we cannot un-see that truth. The switch has been flipped.
It is no longer comfortable living in the same patterns that once felt so safe, and destructive behaviors are magnified. Once we become aware, we are blessed with the responsibility to create change.
Iboga has the wisdom to seek out the root of our traumas. A master teacher, Iboga gives insight into what life would be like if we continued down a path lacking awareness of our true self.
It reveals how wondrous life can be when we cleanse old patterns and begin to treat our lives with value, respect and love.
Iboga fosters a reconnection to our soul and aligns us to our purest state.
This medicine has the power to completely transform the way that we think and how we approach our lives.
A root itself, Iboga works at a root level. It weaves and winds its way down to the darkest depths, revealing and releasing what has been damaged at the core.
When we connect to this medicine in its homeland, in Gabon, we access a root wisdom that transcends even our own personal life. This connection connects us to the truth about life itself.