How To Overcome Depression

Bwiti Rites of Passage

The way you perceive experiences, and talk to yourself is the source behind all thought. Letting go of the beliefs, opinions, and stories in your mind, and relating with the experience from a source of truth instead of becoming a victim to the outside world.

Depression is labeled as a disease in the west, but not with the Bwiti. Depression is you fighting your own mind, and the mind is undefeated when you create a war with it.

Surrendering is your work

Life is full of challenges that come at us unexpectedly; so, if you’re focused on the past and what the world has done you won’t be prepared to make truthful decisions in the present.

People have created a bad habit of bringing the past to life, but forget that life does not wait for you. Each day the sun rises and sets, so if you are not keeping up then you lose more of this precious gift every day.

People are afraid to face themselves

The truth is you don’t have control over anything in life except the way you think. The mind is the #1 tool you have to create a life for yourself, but most have never learned how to use it.

The problem is we believe our minds and/or feelings are who we actually are, and it couldn’t be further from the truth.

It’s easy to follow how we feel from the heart, but our hearts get messages from our mind. I’m pretty sure everyone has had a relationship with another that has resulted in pain and confusion.

What did I do? Everything felt so right? What if I change?  This can lead you down a dangerous path of self-deception and delusion. In the end, you will have more fear, drama, and beliefs than you can handle. 

Don’t ever lie to yourself, once you do you’re screwed.  Nothing is more important than talking kindly to your soul, and treating yourself better than any other being on earth. 

The moment you roll out like a red carpet for the world, it’s over for you.  There is not greater pain than to face that truth of what you have let others do to you.  

It’s not selfish to fill yourself up with love and compassion so you can share it with the world. But, you need truth to get there…

Truth is the Highest Power

This is what the Bwiti and Iboga can do to help anyone who is fully committed to learning the truth behind their experiences, developing self-love, and living a happy life free from depression, anxiety, and fear.

  • Release all attachment and replace with freedom from truth 
  • Discovering real love from the truth
  • Make your mind work for you
  • Create a knowing not a believing
  • Fear is just a thought and not real
  • Choosing the path of truth 
  • Connecting with your soul
  • A complete re-birthing process
  • Minding your own business, literally

You are here for a reason, and ready to heal. The Spirit of Iboga is pure and wants you to be that way too.