How to Overcome Anxiety

Gabonese Boy During Rites of Passage

As with all areas of fear and delusion, in order to create healing and move forward in life with happiness it is so important to connect with your soul.

The soul is your soldier who takes orders from the mind. It’s who you are, it’s perfect and true, and it has nothing to accomplish or do. Your mind is the computer that creates the life you are living, and tells the soul how to feel and what to do.

Make your mind work for you

On our journey with Iboga, you will learn to give truthful orders while realizing that anxiety is just a fear of the unknown. It’s triggered by the mind giving signals to the heart.

How many times has your heart lied to you? Feelings that lead you down untruthful paths in relationship? The mind is running the show, and you need to be it’s boss not it’s secretary.

Here at Moughenda Village, you will be given the opportunity to see reality in all it’s glory, face the truth of your experiences, and start living in the Now. This is the only place you belong!

Your business is not in the past (depression) or future (anxiety), and anxiety is about sabotaging yourself with fear and the future.

Anxiety is everything false

Here is how to overcome anxiety letting Iboga will show you the way home. To overcome anxiety, it’s all about Choice

Moughenda calls it “Mr. Choice” and the only thing you have control over.  You can decide at any moment with your senses to use thought and make a choice that works best for you.  Choice is your best friend, and it’s an easy ride with him or her if you learn how to re-think with the truth.  Here, you will have the opportunity to learn how to use your senses, control your mind, and create a life. 

The mind is our greatest tool in this life to create happiness, and the spirit of Iboga is the greatest guide to master the mind.  A journey with the Bwiti and Iboga is Priceless, and it does not stop after your time in Africa.  The Spirit of Iboga is in you, and will continue teaching and healing everyday for a minimum of 6 months.

Be real in this moment

Welcome to the home of the Bwiti and Moughenda Village. We are excited to meet you, and guide you to the truth of life.