Healing PTSD with Iboga

Men Sitting Quiet During Bwiti Rites of Passage into Adulthood

This is a big problem around the world with people of all ages and cultures, and the pain and suffering it causes our minds make it seem impossible to recover from.  Some experiences we choose to enter; but, many are the result of being in the wrong place, with the wrong people, at the wrong time.

You don’t have to be a victim of trauma for life

The result is a disconnect from your soul, and the only way to get your life back is to address the mind on a spiritual level.

First, Moughenda will take you through a psycho-detox journey where you will empty all the stress and false beliefs that could be blocking you from seeing what’s true from the experience.

Once the psycho-detox is finished, you will experience a psycho-spiritual journey and go face-to-face with your soul to have a conversation. Going back to the first day or root of the traumatic experience and experiencing the truth.

A life review

This is not an easy thing to do, but everyone can do it. You are already pure mind and truth from birth, your conditioned thoughts are blocking you from reality. As you face the experience, truth will replace the fear and set you free.

Most people spend years running from their thoughts, and the fear it creates.  You will receive a thorough screening to gain insight into how deep the trauma runs. This will determine how Moughenda will guide you on your journey.

The mainstream medical community is used to diagnosing and then prescribing medication to heal. Unfortunately, prescription drugs will cover up the pain and mask the truth inside.

Medication will never be able to take you to the spiritual world for healing, and everything is a spiritual problem at the root. There is one way to heal… traditional medicine that has been tested since the beginning of time.

There are many traditions, shamans, and teachers around the world who are trained to guide people through the spiritual world.  The Bwiti and Iboga just happen to be magic if the person is willing to surrender and do the work.  

It can happen in 24 hours

It’s always said in the west, “It just takes time to heal”.  That may apply to physical wounds, but when it comes to the mind and soul time has nothing to do with healing.  This is your gift, so don’t sit around suffering in fear with no control over your thoughts and happiness.

The Bwiti are masters at the truth and healing with the #1 tool there is in Iboga. If you are willing to accept responsibility for everything that has happened in your adult life you will gain a knowledge of love and truth that will set you free.

Life is a gift, and you will see this immediately during your time at Moughenda Village. The result is a KNOWING not believing. A priceless experience to replace the traumatic one you thought was actually real.

Life is not a healing journey, it’s a happy one.

That’s what you will receive when you come to Africa and go home with a drive to create a new life for yourself, develop healthy relationships, and follow the path of truth to happiness.